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25% discount.

# of Seats Discount
5+ 25%
10+ 30%
20+ 35%
30+ 40%
50+ 45%
100+ 50%*
500+ 55%*

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How Enterprise Subscriptions Work
  • An Enterprise subscription is comprised of seats.
  • The unit price is $1199 annually or $109 monthly, the same as a regular subscription.
  • The minimum number of seats is 5.
  • The user who purchases the Enterprise subscription is the manager and can hand out seats to any user with an account by email.
  • The manager can give more than 1 seat to each user.
  • For the manager to remove a seat, the user has to return it first.
  • If the manager requests an increase in quantity from support, an invoice will be sent immediately for the prorated difference. The next scheduled invoice will charge for the new quantity.
  • If the manager requests a decrease in quantity from support, the old quantity can be used until the renewal date. Decreases are indicated on your subscription in your subscription list. The next scheduled invoice will show the new quantity price. Unused seats will be reduced first, followed by the most recently added seats.
  • If an Enterprise subscription is cancelled, seats can still be used until the next scheduled invoice date. Then, all seats are marked cancelled.